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Indiana Daily Student Explores Sikh Identity in Indiana

Gurinder Singh Khalsa was not surprised. His dark skin, long beard and turbaned head have often been mistaken as symbols of Arabic culture, which is what Ohio members of the Donald Trump campaign assumed when they put a picture of him on a flyer advertising Muslims who support Trump in 
October. But he is not from the Middle East, nor…

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Indiana Set to Become Second US State to Teach Sikh History and Culture

Indiana is set to become the second state in the United States to include Sikh history and culture into the public school curriculum. Indiana Superintendent Glenda Ritz announced the plan at a SikhsPAC townhall meeting in Indianapolis, Ind. on Sunday. The initiative targets three major entry points, including 7th grade world history (Asia, Africa and the Middle East), high school…

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Second Annual Sikh Day Parade in Indianapolis, Ind.

More than 2,000 members of the Sikh faith descended on Memorial Park near downtown Indianapolis for the city’s second annual Sikh Day Parade. “We just want to give people a chance to learn a little bit more about what our religion is and who we are,” said Jaswant Singh, one of the organizers of the day long Oct. 8 event.…

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SikhsPAC participates in fourth annual Indianapolis Festival of Faith

The end of summer in Indianapolis, Ind. saw the downtown area decorated in its spiritual finest. Buddhist prayer flags in yellow, purple and blue flowed in the warm pre-autumn breeze. Two members of the Ba’hai faith strolled among the crowds handing out stickers reading “There is no room for prejudice in my heart”. On stage, a group of Filipino nuns…

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